Are You a Newbie to WordPress? Follow these 3 Tips


Always choose your theme carefully

There are endless themes to choose from, but you need to be picky when choosing one, always go for the quality themes. Always go through the reviews of the themes you like, that aligns you’re your project and never be hesitant to pay for one if you like one from the premium theme. Always go for a mobile responsive theme. Themes like these are always included in the WordPress training courses Singapore, check them out!

Image Compression

When you do this, it reduces the file size that helps your website to run faster and save you a lot of space as well. A fast loading speed is the gist of running a website. When you speed it up, you can breathe new life into the lifeless web pages and know that visitors and Google love a fast loading website. Hence, always compress your images and videos. There are many free online tools you can use to compress your images for free.

Limit your plugins

It adds more to the functionality of the website. If the themes come with an inbuilt plugin features such as contact forms, live chats, newsletters, then it is great. But know that being overloaded with plugins can always slow down your site and put the security at risk. Only install the plugins you need the most and would be beneficial for your users and your website.

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