How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Game, literally.


Whether it be from a horror futuristic show about robots taking over the world, or a story that we heard from a doomsday thinker, we have all been confronted with the thoughts of robots versus humans. It can be a scary thought and leave us with a growing feeling of uncertainty. To unravel this feeling, and explore what causes it, it is necessary to take a deeper look. Robots are powered by what is known as artificial intelligence. This is a sort of technology that is engage in autonomous learning. The more that it is used, the better it becomes. It is this that causes fear among humans. The idea that a technology can continue to grow, surpassing us, makes us feel like we will one day be useless. Thinking like this can only put us into a hole of despair. Therefore, it is not worthwhile. What is worthwhile however is to look at the advantages and disadvantages that come with this artificial intelligence. Hopefully from this we can learn to work alongside artificial intelligence and not against it.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, technology is growing at an unprecedented rate. We are reaping the rewards of this more and more in society. Without even knowing it, you use artificial intelligence every day to help you with basic tasks. The artificial intelligence that you use saves you time, effort and money. The same can be said for business owners. Artificial intelligence is exempt from human error, it is programmed to be right every time. Therefore, by having a system like a VT Scada software system, you can ensure that data is accurately monitored with the finest of detail being paid close attention.

Cause for Concern

Despite these advantages, there are evidently causes for concern that arise from the adoption of artificial intelligence. As stated, the technology is exempt from human error. This means that it will be more readily used instead of a human. This has already been seen in many industries. An example of this is the transport industry. The automated car is coming to full fruition, and it will soon be ready for consumer purchase. When it reaches this level of mastery, what will happen to taxi drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers? These people will most certainly be out of a job. Therefore the governments of the world need to plan in advance as to how these people will adjust.

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