How to Build a Below Ground Pool: What you Need to Know


Most people would call in a pool builder when looking to add a below ground swimming pool to their property, yet if you have a reasonable knowledge of building and DIY, there’s no reason you can’t self install a fibreglass pool, which is actually affordable.

Why fibreglass?

Of course, you can go for a concrete pool that is tiled, but for the best value, the latest generation of fibreglass pools are outstanding and with construction equipment for rent (known as ให้เช่าเครื่องจักรงานก่อสร้าง in Thai), you only have to order the sand, cement and tiles and you are good to go! The pool supplier arrives with the product and using a crane, the pool is lowered into position (area prepared in advance), the water and waste pipes are connected and the construction work can begin.


Of course, there must be access for a digger to create the hole you need and the good news is you can sell the topsoil. If you make an agreement with the pool supplier that a prepared site would be ready for the pool to be delivered and positioned and the installation team can finish the job if required.

Water supply & type of pool

The most popular is a saltwater system, which is preferred to using chlorine; the pool supplier has all the filtration and pump equipment for a complete service. The pool supplier would offer a turnkey solution that starts with a design and finishes with the handover and in many ways, this is the best option. The size of the pool might depend on budget or space, but it will have to pass government standards, which is another reason to use a pool builder.

Water filtration

There will be a storage box, or a small room where the pump and the filtration equipment are housed; constant management is required with periodic cleaning of filters. The pool needs to be cleaned on a regular basis; the supplier leaves you full pool maintenance information. You will soon get the hang of pool maintenance and can even hire a local to take care of it.

Crunch the numbers

Once you have the idea to add a pool to the property, you need to cost the project, whether a self-build or outsourcing to a pool supplier. Maintenance costs are minimal and with good filtration, you won’t have to change the water.

One thing we do know; you won’t regret installing a swimming pool and you will enjoy many years of luxury living.

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