How You Can Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


If you are in the business of customizing and personalizing almost anything to suit your individual preferences, then you will be pleased to know that you can now make your own custom cardboard boxes. No longer limited to the options available from your local box store, you can now design your own cardboard boxes to fit your personality, your business needs, and to fit your budget. With endless options to customize your custom cardboard boxes to your specific audience and advertise your brand, you will never go back to standard materials or a plain, corrugated box again.

Design Your Own Logo. A great way to make your custom cardboard boxes more personal is by designing your own logo using either an online template or a desktop publishing program. You can use a simple logo, symbol or phrase to create a unique marketing image that will help people identify with your products and services.

Add Your Own Text. Whether you like a slogan or simply want to print out your own written message, the online printing industry has a variety of options that make it easy and fun to add your own printing to your printed cardboard boxes material. Furthermore, most of these online printers offer free design templates for you to work with, thus you do not need to worry about finding the right font or the right color to match your printed material.

Embossing. Perfect for adding a unique design or pattern, embossing allows you to create a design on your custom cardboard boxes that cannot be found on other products. Embossing comes in a variety of options, such as foil stamping, paint stamping and even laser embossing. All of these methods of embossing work differently from one another, so you need to consider your options carefully before you order. Laser embossing is the most expensive way to go, but it can also provide a more professional look and feel to any printed material.

Custom Boxes. Another thing you can do with your custom cardboard boxes is to print your company logo on the inside of your box. This is an ideal way to let your customers know what products and services your business offers. And since many people will order custom packaging boxes online, this will give you an opportunity to increase your customer base.

Businesses all across the country have been using these corrugated boxes for years to help protect their products from damage and enhance the overall look of the product. With new technologies and creative ideas coming along every day, it’s easy to see how these simple, yet effective boxes can have a huge impact on your business. Don’t rely on generic boxes that are sitting in your inventory. Instead, consider using custom boxes that are unique to your company or that complement your current branding. The next time you’re ordering supplies for your business, ask your supplier to help you create a custom cardboard boxes design so you can enhance your marketing efforts and improve brand awareness.

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