Increased brewing profits through digital marketing? Let’s drink to that!


Sat reflecting, you cannot believe the opportunities that must have gone begging for your own little brewery. For over a year you were too stubborn to do anything about it as you thought you knew better how to get the word out there, as you assumed that because you posted on Facebook and Instagram, that it made you adept in the skills of utilizing those platforms to do your own marketing.

You knew your beers were good because of feedback when visiting festivals, but why were they literally not being pulled off the shelves? Then came the epiphany and acceptance that your cost cutting was in fact costing you money. That was until you spoke to a company specializing in Digital Marketing on the Central Coast. What a difference they have made.

  • Yes, you might have thought your website looked OK. Well, it was cheap anyway, but you couldn’t get half the tabs to work properly. The expert team soon solved that with a complete rebuild to make it user friendly and to allow customers to pay for orders online. Even better, they used an SEO process to ensure that it remained near the top of the Google listings.
  • They introduced Google and Facebook ads and what a difference that made. Orders are coming in as fast as you can brew which has led to extra equipment being ordered along with a larger premises being sought out.
  • You thought branding was something that farmers did to sheep, but your professional digital marketers soon put you right. You now have a new recognizable logo that looks superb on the merchandise which was recommended and is also available to order from the website.
  • The data collected by your digital partners has enabled them to create a whole new marketing strategy which works and attracts the demographics of those with disposable income with some snazzy catchphrases.
  • There is a dedicated app in the pipeline, which will tell your customers as well as those you are trying to entice just where you can buy bottles of your beer and which pubs have it on tap; the number of which is increasing as they have caught the bug created by your team and wish to be associated with your product.

Forget DIY advertising and marketing. Speak to the experts in digital marketing, give your business the boost that it deserves and watch your profits soar.

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