Stainless steel wire uses


Stainless steel wire is used in a variety of applications. The flexibility and the strength of the wires make them applicable in a range of applications. The applications include wires inside tyres, hose pipes and other tubular apparatus. They are used in manufacturing barbed wire, chain, nails, screws, fencing products and other products as applicable.

Wires are used in high strength structural applications such as suspension bridges as well. Stainless steel wire could also be used in miniature applications like watches clocks. Wires come in different diameters and in different grades. The different grades of wires are made up of different material compositions. The materials are mixed together to make alloys that could work better. There are chromium molybdenum alloy wires which are very highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures. There are titanium mixed wires that are very strong that they could be used in structural engineering but are expensive. The use of hardened steel alloys is important construction material where the wires could be used as part of the construction material. Often time, the low alloy wires with corrosion risk could be galvanized to minimize the cost. Sometimes that alloys are coated with a polyamide layer to provide the corrosion resistance and can be used in place of galvanized wires. The 316 stainless steel wire is one of the most commonly used along with the 304 steel wires. The 304 stainless steel wire price is much affordable because of the low cost raw material and the ease of production.

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