Using Reusable Packaging Options: Is It Right for You?


Sustainability is becoming a significant factor that consumers consider when picking a brand. This shift in customer preference is shaking up how businesses approach from product development to engineering and final packaging.

Sustainable packaging is picking up steam with more brands setting serious environmental goals. Companies today are looking for more creative solutions to reduce their collective carbon footprint. With the recent developments among major brands, it is safe to say that reusable packaging trend is worth considering.

The Increasing Popularity of Re-Sealable and Refillable Packaging

Flexible packaging is a fast-growing segment and resealable zipper pouches are emerging, particularly in the food and beverage industry. These pouches help in balancing the desire for “on the go” convenience with sustainability and waste reduction. As flexible pouches continue to proliferate, more brands are choosing seals instead of single servings to give consumers easy portability with an environment-friendly edge. Also, refillable packaging is also on the rise. This is true even for packaging supplies made of corrugated cardboard.

Benefits of Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging can be a great way to manage your costs better. It goes beyond decreasing packaging costs as it can impact major areas of your business.

Below are the benefits companies can enjoy when they use reusable packaging for their products:

  • More efficient transport. Reusable packaging options are an efficient way to transport goods as the packaging is made to be used over and over. They are designed to last and perform a better job of protecting goods.
  • Decreased waste management costs. Reusable packaging can save help you save on waste management costs through your entire global supply chain. Such savings will help in decreasing overall costs for supplies in the long term.
  • Less store space requirement. With reusable packaging, there is no need to allocate lots of space in your warehouse for packaging. This form of packaging is about having enough but not the need for excess. AS your supply chain moves smoothly after a few months of using reusable options, you don’t need to stock up on boxes again.
  • Decreased labor costs. The savings you will have on labor can make a significant difference in your bottom line. Reusable packaging options can help in lessening the amount of labor you need in your warehouse since they don’t often require a lot of hands to make or load. The longer you will use these options, the more your company earns.

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