What equipment is required when you own a car garage? 


The only way you can run a thriving garage is to ensure you have the right equipment that’s readily available to you, no matter the task at hand. Having the essentials in your toolkit can contribute to the success of your business.

Why is it important to have the right tools?

Having the appropriate tools in your garage will help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. High-quality tools can deliver high standards of work, prevent any costly mistakes, and complete projects with ease.

Investing in reliable and durable tools is also key to the safety of your employees and reduces the risk of workplace injuries. Cheap, low-quality tools could fail on the job and cause accidents. And, they’ll need to be replaced sooner due to inevitable wear and tear.

So, what equipment is the most necessary for your car garage?

Bottle jacks 

The nature of the job means you’ll be required to lift vehicles off the ground, and you can’t do this without the help of strong assistance. Bottle jacks are the most suitable for this, especially if you’re dealing with SUVs.

However, if you have hatchbacks or smaller cars coming in for repair or service, there are other vehicle lifts and hoists you could consider. Having options for different models and capacities is important, as each will have varying safety features and power requirements depending on the vehicle.

Tyre changer

Even the smallest tasks can require the necessary tools, such as changing a tyre. You don’t just have to rely on your strength and expertise to do such a task.

Instead, save yourself time and effort by investing in a tyre changer. That way, the job requires less manual labour and is much quicker, too. And, you can spend more time working on those jobs that take up more of your time.


All vehicles have different nuts and bolts, meaning one size doesn’t fit all. With so many different-sized bolts, you’ll need a multitude of spanners to remove each one.

Don’t just purchase a few spanners to save yourself money. Ensure to have a wide selection so you don’t get caught out not having the right piece of kit when a car comes in for repair.

Air compressor

Having a reliable air compressor in your garage can help to operate a number of your tools, including your auto lifts and pneumatic hand tools.

You want to ensure you have enough power to get each task done efficiently. Otherwise, you may risk not being able to complete jobs to the best of your ability or as quickly as possible, which may steer customers away.

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